Soft & Flexible Wobble Seat
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    Children can move while sitting releasing pent up fidgety energy enabling them to focus in the classroom and at homework time. FOCUS: Kids can rock back, forth, and all around as the continuous movement increases blood flow to the brain improving concentration SENSORY SEATING: Ever changing positions provide sensory input, and calm kids who can't sit still including those with ADD, ADHD, or autism. Perfect for school and home ACTIVE LEARNING: Supports the body's natural need to move while sitting. Provides an outlet for excess energy without distracting other students POSTURE: Rocking in all directions engages and strengthens core muscles while encouraging proper posture CUSTOMIZABLE: Includes pump so firmness can be customized to contour exactly to each child's needs DURABLE & NON-SLIP: Comfortable heavy-duty vinyl seat is easy to wipe clean. For use on hard surfaces and carpets Ages 3-10 14.2x14.2x11.4" Max. Wt. 500lbs Safety tested