Wild Environmental Science Medical Science Kit

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    Children will apply scientific principles to the real world. They will explore the chemistry and biology inside the human body. Help children develop analytical, problem-solving and observation skills as they analyze evidence. Plus, learn universal STEM skills such as following instructions and measurement.

    Product Features

    This kit features real scientific experiments that help children create real products to be proud of. The full-color instructional booklet relates activities to real world science and inspires self-guided learning. The kit also includes high-quality chemical ingredients, science tools, safety equipment and more.


    Includes sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, universal indicator paper, psyllium husk, plaster of Paris, red coloring, matchsticks, test tubes with stoppers, a funnel, a beaker, filter paper, a blood-typing tray, a test tube stand, balloons, scoops, pipettes, tweezers, stirring sticks, a hand bones mold, safety goggles, a candle, paints, a paintbrush and a brain mold.

    Ages 8 and up.