Essential Skills: Learn & Practice Rhyming
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    Introducing the ultimate learning bundle that combines the best of language and literacy development with engaging games for children of all ages! Rhyming Fun-to-Know Puzzles: Help children build confidence and achieve success through a variety of educational tools designed to enhance their language skills. The set includes 24 two-piece puzzles, each with durable 3" x 3" pieces, allowing kids to learn by trial and error as only matching pieces fit together. These puzzles present short and long vowel rhyming words with photo sound cues, making learning an immersive real-life experience. Rhyming Words Match Me Cards: Easy rhyming concepts are depicted in photos and words through the "Match Me Cards," which engage children's matching, memory, and word/picture recognition skills. This set includes 52 two-sided cards, each measuring 3" x 3 7/8", and provides child-pleasing, easy-to-follow activities to build vocabulary and listening skills. Ideal for ages 3 and up. Rhyming Bingo Game: TREND Bingo turns skill practice into an exhilarating game that kids, parents, and teachers adore. With its unique 6-way format adaptable to various skill levels, this game guarantees fun for all ages. Perfect for small groups, entire classrooms, learners with disabilities, and English language learners, this set introduces 30 pairs of rhyming words with the help of colorful photo cues. Players can master rhyming skills while enjoying the excitement of the game. The package accommodates 3 to 36 players and includes 36 different playing cards, each measuring 6.5" x 9", 264 playing chips, an answer guide, calling cards, caller's mat, and a sturdy storage box. This all-in-one learning kit empowers young learners to enhance their language and literacy skills, grasp rhyming concepts, and enjoy educational games with friends or independently. Whether used at home, in the classroom, or during on-the-go learning, it offers a comprehensive and engaging educational foundation for children.