Basic Sequence Cards For Storytelling and Picture Interpretation, Junior Edition
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    Junior Sequence Cards are simple and basic picture cards that when placed in the correct order, they tell a short story. These picture cards include 1-2 characters per story and can easily be trimmed to a lower level by using 2-3 cards instead of all 6 to tell a story. First, then and last are skills that can be targeted as well. There is no reading required and children are prompted to examine picture details to figure out the correct order of the cards. Once the cards are in order many other skills such as narrative and basic storytelling skills can be practiced. Additionally, a user manual guide with question prompts is included for each story set to work on other skills like answering basic "wh" questions. The cards are brightly colored, large, kid friendly illustrations and very durable. They have a laminated finish so a dry erase marker can be used to highlight picture details. HIGH QUALITY: 8 story sets with 6 very basic picture cards for each story. Durable Colorful Large 4.5 x 4.5 Sequence Picture Cards, Packaged with Stand-Up Custom Tab Dividers, For Easy Accessibility. Laminated finish so dry erase markers can be used to highlight picture details. STORY SETS INCLUDE: Raking the Leaves, Ordering Ice Cream, Building a Doghouse, Cutting a Fruit Salad, Preparing a Fish Tank, Setting up a Campfire, Nighttime Routine, Making a Birthday Sign. IMPROVES SKILLS: Use For many Language Goals, expressive language, formulating a sentence, Verbs, Pronouns, Sentence Structure, Inferencing, social skills, conversation starter, narrative skills. ADAPTABLE FOR ALL AGES: Skill level of cards is adaptable to many levels by simply trimming or using all the cards in a set. Illustrations are basic and kid friendly for younger children. EASY TO USE: Complete manual included for each storytelling card set with a question guide of basic 'wh' questions. Age: 4+ years/Grade PK+