Action Cards SPARK Floor Game
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    Action Floor game contains 35 Jumbo picture cards of various verbs and actions. There are 35 smaller “show me” cards which are used to show children the action or verb. Children then have to find the correct matching action jumbo card that are spread on the floor either face up-easy and match the cards or face down-hard for more of a memory game. These cards are thick cardstock and laminated to increase durability. The cards can be used to improve movement and coordination. Children love to imitate actions and move and groove. They will love to get moving with these bright, colored, kid friendly illustrations. A comprehensive user guide manual is included with more game ideas and skills that can be worked on with the cards. Includes - 70 Laminated thick and colorful action/verb cards. There are 35 Jumbo floor cards and 35 smaller “show me” cards. Interactive user guide with instructions and multiple ways and levels game can be used. How to Play- A game of seek and find. Spread the jumbo action verb cards on the floor. Adult use the small display cards to show children the action and have them imitate the action and find the matching smaller card. Multiple Playing Levels – Spread the cards face up for “matching game” and face down for “memory game”. Comprehensive user guide is included with many different game idea options and levels. Improves Skills - Balance and coordination, Flexibility and spatial orientation, Turn taking and roleplaying, Language skills and vocabulary, Following directions, Confidence and imagination. Multiple Playing Options - Use Spark Actions Floor Game to play various fun games: Move It, Find It, Learn It, Match It, Act It, Improve It. Age: 2+ years/Grade PK+