Ready2Learn Naturals Wood Assortment
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    A selection of branches, drift wood, rattan, roots, bark, and willows. There are 13 products selected in this pack.

    • Branch Offcuts - Oval (60g)
    • Mulberry Slices (125g)
    • Small Cuts Tea Plant Branch Cuttings (60g)
    • Azalea Branch Cuttings (125g)
    • Drift Wood (125g)
    • Dark Brown Rattan (125g)
    • Dried Ginger Root (125g)
    • Mulberry Root (125g)
    • Rattan Slices (60g)
    • Bark Squares (3)
    • Willow Branches (75g)
    • Incense Tree Root (60g)
    • Twisted Willow (60g)
    Naturals kits are made of natural materials. The kits are not toys and should always be used under adult supervision. The kits are not suitable for children under 3 years old. All contents and amounts of all packs may vary due to seasons and availability.