TIME FOR KIDS Informational Text Grade 5 Readers

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    Ever wonder what a day of work is like for an ER doctor, or why deep-sea fishing is such a dangerous profession? Find this out and more with this engaging 30-book collection. Supplement your reading program, build your classroom library, and enhance your intervention program with high-interest nonfiction leveled books. These colorful books feature content from TIME FOR KIDS®, with themes from science, mathematics, and social studies. These high-interest books are designed to help build comprehension skills with cross-curricular content, challenging informational text, and key vocabulary.
    The titles in this collection include (titles may vary):

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    Demons of the Deep

    Danger in the Desert

    Terror in the Tropics

    20th Century: Race to the Moon

    21st Century: Mysteries of Deep Space

    22nd Century: Future of Space

    Bad Guys and Gals of the High Seas

    Bad Guys and Gals of the Wild West

    Bad Guys and Gals of the Ancient World

    All in a Day's Work: Police Officer

    All in a Day's Work: ER Doctor

    All in a Day's Work: Animator

    Making Money Grow

    Where Does Your Money Go?

    From Rags to Riches

    Endangered Animals of the Sea

    Endangered Animals of the Desert

    Endangered Animals of the Jungle

    Vroom! Speed and Acceleration

    Pop! Air and Water Pressure

    Drag! Friction and Resistance

    Fearless! Stunt People

    Wild Work! Animal Trainers

    Dangerous Catch! Deep Sea Fishers

    Unforgettable Natural Disasters

    Unforgettable News Reports

    Unforgettable Catastrophes

    The Cutting Edge: Breakthroughs in Technology

    Mighty Micros: Little Things - Big Results

    Action! Making Movies