5-Letter Wordlet™ Word Puzzle Game

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    5 Letter Wordlet is a fun and addictive word puzzle game that can be played by people of all ages. In this entertaining board game, players compete to discover the secret 5-letter word using wits, strategy, deduction and a bit of luck. The player to first identify the secret word wins the round, and the player with the most wins at the end of the game wins big! 5-Letter Wordlet is both competitive and addictive. Similar to online word puzzles like wordle, duordle and quordle, players build their own strategy one word at a time. Have you ever had a complete conversation with someone on how they choose their five letter words? You will after playing Wordlet! 5-Letter Wordlet is also a great way to expand your Vocabulary. Wordlet is the 5 letter word game based on the social media trend built on Wordle, Duordle, Quordle and dozens of other word game apps and websites. If you're a fan of the online game from the Times, as well as other online word puzzles, get ready to have a blast during your next game night with family or friends. Five Letter Wordlet is the perfect game for family game night or for parties with friends. So, grab those dry erase markers and get guessing!. Guess the Secret Word: Inspired by the most popular online word game that broke the internet, 5-Letter Wordlet is the wordle style party game families and friends can enjoy together. Can you guess the secret word in six tries or less? Can you guess the secret word faster than the other players? Find out in Wordlet!. Play All Day: With 5-Letter Wordlet, the fun never ends, as players aren't limited to one word puzzle a day like the online version. Unlimited play with dry erase guessing boards and markers means unlimited fun!. Grab and Go Game: 5-Letter Wordlet's game boards are specifically designed to pick up and hold. Don't worry about clue chips smudging your dry erase letters - all clues are placed in a dry erase pouch under your writing so you can write and guess with ease.. Party Game Night: Make it a party game night with 5-Letter Wordlet, the wordle based game that is great for evenings with friends and family, game nights, or date nights. Wordlet from University Games is the perfect game for 2 players to 4 players ages 12 and up, and 5-Letter Wordlet is a great gift for adults, teens, fans of the online wordle game, and word puzzle lovers. What's Inside: The 5-Letter Wordlet Word Party Game is loaded with 3 Dry Erase Guessing Boards, 3 Dry Erase Markers, 90 Guessing Chips, 200 Secret Words, and Instructions to get your game night started in five minutes or less. 8+ years. Grade 3+