Finding meaningful activities to do in the classroom is one of the best ways to integrate crafts into the demanding needs of the curriculum. This fine motor fall painting craft is perfect for your primary learners when discussing the importance of a bountiful harvest despite the harsh winters before the first Thanksgiving.

These ears of corn will have students of any age excited to explore new ways of painting, while also working on their grip and fine motor skills. These adorable ears of corn make the perfect fall decoration for any classroom, hallway or bulletin board. They can even be an addition to your kid’s craft table if you’re planning to host Thanksgiving.

Fine Motor Colored Paint

In order to get started, you’ll need:

  • Paint (yellow, orange, red, brown)
  • Paper (white)
  • Brown paper bags
  • Q-tips

Cut the white construction paper into the shape of corn on the cob based on your desired size and amount. I decided it would be crafty to use the unused side (flat bottom) of the brown paper bag as the placemat while painting. Lightly dip the q-tips into each desired color and dab around as needed. The mote the q-tip is used, the larger the dop becomes. Have some extra to replenish for learners who may benefit from having extra time to paint!

Three Colored Paints with Paper Paper Activity Painting

Paper Cutout Painted

While the ears of corn are drying, cut the brown paper bag into stips of paper. Overlap the strips and fold in half. After folding, spread the strips out evenly. You might see the best results if you gather them into groups of 4-5 strips before folding. Then glue or tape together the difference bunches to create the husk.

Brown Strips

After the ears are dry, overlap them as seen below. Cut one larger strip of the brown paper bag to gather the ears of corn and assemble the husks. Overlap the larger strip over the husks and ears and fold along the shape of the top of the ears of corn. I used tape for easy clean-up! 🙂

 Fine Motor Paper Cutout Wrap Fine Motor Paper Cutout Wrap

This is the perfect complement to any read-aloud about the harvest season or The First Thanksgiving. You will love to see your kid’s reaction when you tell them they get to paint with something other than paintbrushes!

Fine Motor Paper Cutout Angled 2

Save it for later!