6 Free Activities for Kids on Spring Break

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6 Free Activities for Kids on Spring Break
School Aids, Inc, Elaine Swart

Happy Spring! While Spring Break means a little time off from school for kids, it sometimes leaves parents scrambling to find activities to fill the time! Educational Insights believes that parents deserve a break too, so kick back and relax because we’ve got spring break activities covered! 

Our Spring Activities bundle is free to download and has six awesome spring-themed learning activities to keep kids entertained on family road trips, during long airport wait times, or while hanging out at home for break. 

Keep reading for a sneak peek at each of the included activities included in the bundle and how to download it for free! 

Spring Break Bundle

These activities are recommended for ages 7+ for independent play or for your little learners age 5-6, turn it into family time by having a parent or older siblings help!


Garden Word Search

24 garden-themed words are hidden in this word search. Can you find “Flower,” “Orchard,” “Soil,” and more? This activity helps kids build visual discrimination skills and vocabulary.


Fruit Crossword Puzzle

Use the clues to guess the fruit. Then, fill in the crossword with your guesses to solve the puzzle! Plus, you’re practicing vocabulary and spelling skills!


Spring Flower Patterns

Practice pattern recognition and fine motor control, plus learn how to draw spring flowers! Use the step-by-step drawing guide to learn how to draw each flower, then learn to analyze and complete the flower patterns by drawing the next flower!


Vegetable Word Mix-Up

Unscramble the letters for each vegetable name to complete the veggie garden salad for the perfect vocabulary and spelling activity!


Garden Picture Hunt

Practice visual discrimination and counting with this garden-themed picture hunt! Use the key to find the items in the garden and color them in as you find them.


Garden Maze

Trace your way through the garden maze, collecting fruits and veggies on the way, and then count them up at the end. Holding a pen, pencil, or marker and drawing your pathing through the maze helps kids build fine motor control!


You can download all these awesome skill-building activities in our Spring Break Bundle from Spark More Play. Click here to download the bundle  Spark More Play activities are developed by teachers and play experts for parents and kids who learn best with hands-on play.

6 Free Activities for Kids on Spring Break
School Aids, Inc, Elaine Swart March 21, 2024
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