35 Spring Writing Prompts and Story Starters

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35 Spring Writing Prompts and Story Starters
School Aids, Inc, Elaine Swart

Freshen up your writing activities with some fun spring writing prompts, such as story starters, letters to Mother Nature, and free writing prompts. This time of year makes everyone antsy as summer gets closer, but there’s still plenty of school left, and plenty of time to include writing in your lesson plans!

Spring Writing Prompts

  • Pretend you’re a bee flying over a flower field. Describe the feeling of springtime and why it is so important to bees.
  • Write a poem about spring.
  • Dear Mother Nature: Write a letter thanking Mother Nature for spring and describe your favorite things about the season.
  • Write a persuasive letter to your teacher about having class outside more.
  • Plan a springtime picnic. Plan out the place, time, food, and games! Make a list of what you’ll need.
  • Imagine you find a large Easter egg at the park. Where did it come from? Who does it belong to? What’s inside of it?
  • Pretend you are one of the Easter Bunny’s helpers. What do you have to do to prepare for Easter? Do you deliver eggs?
  • Invent a new ice cream flavor.
  • Write about April showers. What do you like about the rain? What don’t you like?
  • It’s the Great Egg Hunt—kids from all different schools gather for this event once a year. The countdown starts: 3…2…1…GO!
  • Pretend you have to create a bouquet, but it can’t be made out of flowers. What do you make it out of? Who is it for?
  • Write about your favorite flower.

Story Starters

  • I planted a little seedling yesterday. When I looked out the window this morning, I saw…
  • Find a beautiful or interesting tree. Write a description of the tree so someone else can imagine what it looks like.
  • We played the funniest April Fools’ trick on my parents…
  • If you could change anything about our world to save the Earth, what would it be?
  • I woke up on Easter morning to discover I had been turned into…
  • I knew there were leprechauns in Ireland, but I never expected to see one in…
  • My dad always gardens in the spring. This year he planted some unusual plants…
  • I caught a leprechaun! Now what?
  • This time I decided to follow the rainbow, and I found the treasure…
  • Pretend you’re a baby bird about to take your first flight! Describe the experience.

It’s important to keep students writing; even short writing activities each day can greatly improve their writing fluency! Keep prompts open-ended so students can use their imagination and engage in the activities. Encourage freewriting where students don’t have to worry about self-editing or spelling as they go, but instead just develop their narrative and persuasive writing fluency.

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35 Spring Writing Prompts and Story Starters
School Aids, Inc, Elaine Swart February 16, 2022
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