Pre-Algebra 1 Clever Catch Ball


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This Pre-Algebra 1 Clever Catch® is a perfect introduction to first semester Pre-Algebra. The 65 color coded questions identify Integers, Coordinate System, Number Sense and Properties. Clever Catch® is played with at least two students who toss the ball to each other, answering the problem underneath or closest to their left thumb. Each problem is numbered and enclosed in its own space, assuring the student will know which problem to answer. A teacher or another student can moderate with the provided answer sheet to ensure the correct answer. The 24" vinyl ball provides an excellent way to study and review Pre-Algebra facts. Clever Catch® is latex free, CPSIA compliant, and comes complete with answer sheet and repair patch. Sample questions are: What algebra problem is represented by the sentence "three times a certain number is 24? True or False: An integer that is less than zero is a positive integer? Name the point where the x- and y- axes meet.