So Much Pun! Class Jobs Mini Bulletin Board Set

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Bring a little pun to class jobs with this So Much Pun! Class Jobs Mini Bulletin Board. This 17-piece classroom jobs mini bulletin board includes: 1 "Class Jobs" title sign (5. 5" x 10") 9 punny job cards—Paper Patrol, Cleanup Crew, On Vacation, Photographer, Teacher's Assistant, Errand Runner, Gardener, Supply Manager, Energy Helper (horizontal cards approx. 10. 25" x 6" and vertical cards approx. 6" x 7") 4 punny motivational characters with helpful reminders (5. 5" x 5. 5"): - "Lettuce help each other out!" - "Watt's your job?" - "I'm a grape helper!" - "No lion, I'm happy to help!" 3 blank cards to clip student clothespins or customizable pieces (6" x 7") Mini bulletin board set also includes an instructional guide with display ideas and classroom lesson activities.