Crayola Create To Learn STEAM Program Grades 4-5

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A create-to-learn STEAM Program for Classrooms Uses project-based learning approaches to deepen students’ knowledge of curriculum, build their strategic planning skills and empower them as decision-makers.   Students work in teams of four to develop unique game objectives, rules, and game play.   Students learn to communicate complex systems while building their own metacognitive skills. Increases Student Engagement* Encourages Design Thinking* Promotes Collaboration and Leadership* Aligned to Curricular Standards 4-5 Grade Level Topics Explored:   Biomimicry; Economics in Action; Ecosystems and Adaptations Create a Biomimicry-inspired innovation game.   Observe how insects and other living creatures move, protect themselves and solve problems.   Design a game that teaches a biomimicry concept. Everything needed to support the whole class and small group instruction! Art Supplies* Teacher’s Guide* Planning Materials* Game Components Contents: A comprehensive 72-page Teacher’s Resource Book with methods and planning guides that includes ideas for how students can get started. 8 blank game boards 600 blank game cards to personalize game instruction 16 blank dice 32 – 1oz. Packs of Crayola Model Magic® 64 Crayola Silly Scents™ Broad Line Markers 36 Erasable Colored Pencils 8 Crayola Dry-Erase/Wet-Erase sheets 32 Crayola Pip-Squeaks Skinnies® Markers 8 wipe off sponges 2 sticker sheets