Essential Skills: Learn & Practice Colors & Shapes

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    Introducing the ultimate educational trio that combines learning, fun, and skill-building into one engaging package! Colors & Shapes Bingo Game: Seamlessly turns skill practice into an exhilarating game where learning happens effortlessly. With its unique 6-way format adaptable to various skill levels, this game is perfect for small groups, entire classrooms, learners with disabilities, and those learning English. In this set, kids will explore and master 10 vibrant colors (pink, brown, green, purple, red, yellow, orange, black, blue, and white) and 6 shapes (circle, square, rhombus, rectangle, oval, and triangle). Players can match colors, shapes, or even combinations, making it suitable for all skill levels, and accommodating 3 to 36 players. The package includes 36 different playing cards, each measuring 6.5" x 9", 264 playing chips, an answer guide, calling cards, caller's mat, and a sturdy storage box. Colors Fun-to-Know Puzzles: Children love a challenge, and these 2-piece puzzles are designed to help them build confidence and skills at their own pace. Only matching pieces fit together, providing a hands-on, trial-and-error learning experience. In this set, everyday objects are used to teach learners to identify 16 different colors, enhancing their real-life learning experiences. The 24 two-piece puzzles feature durable 3" x 3" pieces and come in a sturdy storage box, offering hours of educational fun for ages 3 and up. Shapes Fun-to-Know Puzzles: Another exciting challenge awaits as kids develop their problem-solving skills through these 2-piece puzzles. With only matching pieces fitting together, learners can explore the world of shapes by matching everyday objects with their shape equivalents. These puzzles also contain photos for practical, real-life learning experiences. The set includes 20 two-piece puzzles with durable 3" x 3" pieces, packaged in a sturdy storage box, making it ideal for ages 3 and up. This all-in-one educational bundle fosters creativity, problem-solving, and foundational knowledge of colors and shapes in a fun and engaging way. Perfect for solo play, group activities, or classroom learning, it provides endless opportunities for skill development while ensuring hours of entertainment.