25 Spooky Halloween Math Word Problems

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25 Spooky Halloween Math Word Problems
School Aids, Inc, Elaine Swart

Spiders, pumpkins, candy, and more!

Double, double toil, and trouble … Halloween doesn’t only have to include costumes and treats. It can also include math! We created these festive Halloween math word problems for students to practice their math skills while celebrating the season.

All you need to do is post one of these third grade math word problems on your whiteboard or projector screen. Then let kids take it from there!

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25 Halloween Math Word Problems

1. Samantha visited 132 houses while trick-or-treating. Andy trick-or-treated at 168 houses. How many more houses did Andy visit than Samantha?

2. The pumpkin patch has 7,018 pumpkins. They sell 4,919. How many pumpkins do they have left?

3. Dana has 11 packs of gummy eyeballs. Each pack contains 5 eyeballs. How many gummy eyeballs does Dana have in all?

4. Frankenstein visits a third-grade class. He brings orange, purple, and black cupcakes. Each color has the same number of cupcakes. If Frankenstein brings in 27 cupcakes, how many of each color are there?

5. Daniel bakes a batch of sugar cookies shaped like ghosts with his family. They baked a total of 42 cookies. They want to give an equal number of cookies to 7 neighbors. How many cookies will each neighbor receive?

6. After trick-or-treating, Ronaldo had 434 pieces of candy. He gave his little sister 127 pieces of his candy. How many pieces of candy does he have now?

7. On Halloween night, Dena spent 82 minutes handing out candy and Carly spent 75 minutes. A couple of streets over, Brent spent 60 minutes handing out candy and Eric spent 35 minutes. Which pair spent the most time handing out candy? Dena and Carly or Brent and Eric?

8. A fourth-grade class is decorating their classroom for Halloween. They put up 538 orange lights, 120 skull decorations, 4 inflatable black cats, and 27 witch hats. How many decorations did they use altogether?

9. A spider has 8 legs. In October, Jesse used 9 spiders to decorate the web outside his house. How many legs are there on the web?

10. Liam is dressing up as Yoda for Halloween. It takes him a long time to get ready. He starts at 5:10 and finishes at 5:50. How many minutes did it take Liam to get ready?

11. Dad was telling Becca and her brother spooky stories. He told 4 stories in 80 minutes with each story lasting the same amount of time. How many minutes did each spooky story take?

12. Tickets to a Haunted House cost $6.50 for adults and $4.00 for kids. If there are a total of two adults and two children in a family, how much will they pay to enter the Haunted House?

13. There are 3 ghosts at the Halloween party. Each ghost scares 10 people. How many total people do the ghosts scare?

14. A mummy is setting up for his annual Monster Bash. He puts out 5 bowls of candy corn. Each bowl has 12 pieces. He also puts out 4 trays of caramel apples. Each tray has 6 apples. How many more pieces of candy corn than caramel apples does the mummy put out?

15. A fourth-grade class goes on a field trip to Haunted Hill Farm. On a hayride, they see a cornfield with 7 rows of corn. Each row has 7 corn stalks. How many total corn stalks are in the cornfield?

16. Oliver sorts his Halloween candy into 6 equal groups. If he has 54 pieces of Halloween candy altogether, how many pieces of candy are in each group?

17. A dozen witches meet to plan their Halloween spells. Four witches fly away on their brooms. How many witches are left at the meeting?

18. A zombie lives in a cemetery. The cemetery is 48 feet long and 36 feet wide. If the cemetery is a rectangle, what is its perimeter?

19. Ella and her 10 friends wore costumes to school on Halloween. Half of them dressed as mermaids while the rest dressed as Hermione from Harry Potter. How many dressed as mermaids?

20. Zion and his 2 brothers are trying to pick a scary movie to watch. Zion wants to watch a vampire movie, but both his brothers want to watch a werewolf movie. What fraction want to watch a werewolf movie?

21. Leslie wants to be Wonder Woman for Halloween this year. Her mom took her to the store. The costume cost $15.75, but she pays with a $20 bill. How much change will she get back?

22. Ella goes bobbing for apples at the Halloween Boo Bash. There were 8 apples in the tub to start. She catches 2 apples. What fraction of the apples remain in the tub? Write your answer in the simplest form.

23. A group of witches is making a brew in a cauldron. They added 4 cans of spooky potion. Each can holds 6.8 ounces. How many total ounces of spooky potion did they add?

24. A goblin’s arms are each 73 centimeters long. His legs are each 94 centimeters long. How long are both his arms and legs together?

25. Elijah is getting ready for Halloween. His mom gave him a total of $100 to spend.

  • He spends ¼  of his money on glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth.

  • He spends ¼ of his money on black and orange balloons.

  • He spends ½ of his money on an inflatable dinosaur costume.

How much money did he spend on vampire teeth? How much money did he spend on his costume?

Want this entire set of word problems in one easy document? 

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25 Spooky Halloween Math Word Problems
School Aids, Inc, Elaine Swart October 4, 2022
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