12 Clever Clipboard Hacks for the Classroom

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12 Clever Clipboard Hacks for the Classroom
School Aids, Inc, Elaine Swart
Clipboards are a classroom staple, and for good reason. Teachers find them handy for so many different activities! Plus, sturdy clipboards will last for years, so they’re a worthwhile investment. Here are our favorite tips and tricks that will make the clipboard your favorite school supply.

1. Dress up plain clipboards with duct tape.

Buy clipboards and customize them, using colorful patterned duct tape

Credit: Crayons and Cuties in Kindergarten

2. Use clipboards to write the room.

Write-the-room activities are popular with elementary teachers, and clipboards make things so much easier. The concept? Post words around the room and send students off to find them and write them down. It’s fun writing practice that gets them out of their seats to burn off some energy. 

Credit: The Measured Mom

3. Divide students into partners or groups.

Stencil your clipboards then use them to divide the class into groups or partners. Need two teams? Divide students by odd and even numbers. Need groups of four? Group them by color. Partners? Look for the matching animals. Now that they’re ready to go, they can use the clipboards to work anywhere in the classroom.

Credit: Math Giraffe

4. Add a dry-erase element to your clipboards.

You can buy ready-made whiteboard clipboards, but if you already have a classroom set, it’s less expensive to just add adhesive dry-erase sheets to the back of each one.

Credit: Simply Speech

5. Create a colorful clipboards gallery.

Looking for an easy way to display student work in the classroom? A wall full of bright clipboards will catch the eye and provide the perfect place for kids to show off their best work. Paint them yourself or buy a set of colorful plastic clipboards here.

Credit: Cassie Stephens

6. Use elastic to add a place for crayons or pens.

Create portable coloring tablets by stapling or gluing sewing elastic to the backs.

Credit: Reality Daydream

7. Keep an easy behavior record.

Teacher Kim calls this the purple clipboard method and notes that it’s a quick and easy way to keep track of daily behavior in your classroom. She keeps the notes themselves private, but her students know what she uses the clipboard for, and it helps them be more aware of their behavior.

Credit: Finding JOY in 5th Grade

8. Hack a picture frame to make a clipboard stand.

Buy a free-standing clipboard to use in your classroom, or make your own by gluing the back of a standing picture frame to it. So easy! 

Credit: Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten

9. Craft a clipboard countdown.

Whatever you’re counting down toward (summer, spring break, Friday … ), this is an easy method for keeping track.

Credit: Eighteen25

10. Use pot lid organizers to store clipboards.

 They do make clipboard storage stands, but kitchen lid organizers work too, and are generally less expensive.

Credit: Wife Teacher Mommy/Instagram

11. Put together work for early finishers.

Some students always finish faster than others. Keep bonus activities neatly organized and easy to grab by putting them together on clipboards. Early finishers can pick one they like and work on it anywhere.

Credit: Primary Paradise

12. DIY a clipboard case.

Clipboards with storage are especially useful in classrooms that use flexible seating. Make your own by gluing a clipboard to a flat box.

Credit: Crafts Unleashed

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12 Clever Clipboard Hacks for the Classroom
School Aids, Inc, Elaine Swart August 11, 2022
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