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Teacher Direct: Your Teacher Supply Store

teacher supply store

Teacher Direct is an online store designed to help teachers supply their classrooms and students with the resources needed for an exceptional learning environment. Because we know that often teachers must purchase additional classroom resources themselves-beyond the basics provided by the school district-we strive to provide the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. Because we have low overhead, we can be the teacher supply store that offers only the best brands at prices that teachers can afford.

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In keeping with this promise, we offer a major benefit to purchasing items in bulk. For stock items, any order $48 of in-stock merchandise or above is rewarded with free freight to one location. This means that if you make a plan for all of the supplies you'll need for a given year and purchase all at once, you won't have to pay the shipping cost. This is just one of many ways we help teachers supply their classrooms.

Our online store is intuitively divided into two sections. The first, for elementary educators, focuses more on hands-on items that can bring younger kids more easily into the learning fold. The second is for middle and high school teachers and offers helpful curriculum specific material alongside the usual school supplies.

Each store, beyond the specific items geared towards elementary or middle school learners, also has great deals on the classroom staples that are necessary for keeping everything running smoothly. Grade books, parent/teacher folders, office supplies, furnishings and storage are all available from Teacher Direct.

As an online teacher supply store, Teacher Direct can provide quality items at far below the purchase prices offered by brick and mortar competitors. Please take a look through our selection, or, if you have any questions, please give us a call during business hours at 1-88-Teachers.

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