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School Supplies for Teachers

School Supplies for Teachers is the online home of Teacher Direct, a store designed for teachers who don't have an unlimited budget when it comes to providing supplies for their students and classrooms. We all know that the salary is not what attracts one to the vocation of becoming a teacher; school supplies to help make your classroom unique and keep your students learning should not break the bank.

Teacher Direct offers school supplies for teachers. The store's requirements for stocking supplies are simple, but beneficial to each and every customer: Teacher Direct will only carry the highest quality brands at the lowest prices. We know that cost and quality do not have to go hand in hand, and that's why we offer a number of great deals on school supplies for teachers. From curriculum aids to classroom furnishings, audio-visual help to arts and crafts supplies, if you need it for your classroom, we have it at

Buying supplies from Teacher Direct allows you to be your own teacher. School supplies provided by the district or school itself are generally very basic, not specifically geared toward the needs of your individual students or your own educational style or methods. Take a look through our selections for elementary or middle/high school teachers and you'll surely find what you need.

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Curriculum Specific Help

If you need help teaching a specific subject, Teacher Direct is here for you. We offer products that help teachers reach specific students in several subject areas, including Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. For example, our political series of maps and globes makes illustrating a Social Studies lecture easy and fun. We also have a number of games for every subject that are perfect for review sessions or getting students involved in discussion. For elementary school teachers, active play items help kids learn while building a healthy attitude towards exercise.

For more information, please continue to browse our site or contact us at 1-88-Teachers (1-888-322-4377) today.

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