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Discount Classroom Furniture

Most classrooms come equipped with the bare essentials. Desks and chairs for kids, chalkboards or whiteboards, and a desk for the teacher. Sometimes simple rows of desks are not the best learning environment, and you as a teacher, have a better idea. The problem is the district will not provide anything beyond the bare minimum.

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This is where Teacher Direct comes in. Teacher Direct is an online store offering supplies for teachers, from curriculum aids to discount classroom furniture, providing the best brands at the lowest prices so that you can create a unique and personalized classroom environment without breaking your budget.

For example, rather than using those old desks where the bottoms are covered in old chewing gum, you can have kids do group work at tables. A table and chair set from Teacher Direct will provide a new learning environment at a price you can afford, and freight will be clearly stated so there will be no "surprise" charges during your check out process.

Where will kids store their books without their desks? Besides discount classroom furniture we also offer different storage options, including pouches that hang on the backs of chairs and can hold books, pencils and other supplies. Among those options is the Original Seat Sack, made from sturdy, flame retardant laminated cotton that is easily cleaned up following any sort of classroom spill.

As today's classrooms go more online, you may also need a computer workstation in your classroom. Take a look through the options we carry at Teacher Direct and hopefully you'll find exactly what you're looking for. Some options can even be easily folded up and stored away when not in use in order to save precious space within your classroom environment.

For more information, please give us a call at 1-88-Teachers (1-888-322-4377). We will be happy to help.

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