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Classroom Whiteboards

Classroom Whiteboards

Everyone's used to looking at a chalkboard in class, but the truth of the matter is a whiteboard is more vibrant and markers on whiteboard are easier to read than chalk on chalkboard. Outfit your room with classroom whiteboards and you can use different colors of markers to make lessons more interesting.

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For example, by using different marker colors, you can illustrate the different portions of a math equation for those children who have a more visual learning style. It is much easier to understand the concept of a numerator and denominator when they can be associated with a certain color at the beginning. Classroom overhead projectors can also be used the same way, with different colors of markers being used on transparencies to illustrate different concepts.

Another use for classroom whiteboards comes when you are having students work in groups or teams. By providing small lap boards and markers, kids can brainstorm quickly and get involved in discussion without having to worry about one member of the team recording everything on paper. Everyone can add their ideas to the whiteboard quickly and erase just as quickly. The versatility of a classroom whiteboard is only limited by your creativity as a teacher and the imaginations of your students.

Classroom Overhead Projectors

The uses for classroom overhead projectors are limitless. While they are most often used for math lectures, they can be involved in a number of different types of presentations. One recommended use is to make small paper cutouts to present a scene in history using the overhead projector to engage the students.

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